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When ‘Iokepa wrote the original words on the homepage for our website, he wrote: “If you have a single drop of Native Hawaiian blood, we invite you to join the conversation.” The aboriginal Hawaiians never judged their relationship between one … Continue reading

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In the Heart of Dixie

We are in Southwestern, Virginia, and for me–who reared young sons in Roanoke from 1986 to 1994–it is a coming home. Nowhere are people more compassionate, less likely to erect barriers to intimacy–or more falsely maligned–than in the heart of … Continue reading

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The Written Word Versus the Oral One.

It did not feel good,” Maxine Hong Kingston wrote in Hawai‘i One Summer, “To be a writer in a place that is not a writing culture, where written language is only a few hundred years old.” The rich oral traditions … Continue reading

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Oppression: Moving That Mountain.

We have been in New York City for the past week, and we are loving the concentration and intensity of creative energy on this other Island. A new friend, in casual conversation, brought up the historic and current plight of … Continue reading

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Pure Science Meets Pure Spirit

Perhaps, nine years ago now, we were camping (actually, living in a tent) at Kaheka–the Salt Pans Park– on Kaua’i, when we met Lou. Over these past ten years, we have met hundreds of visitors to the Island, at that … Continue reading

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From Native Heart to Native Mind.

We first met John Talley at an Eastside Portland coffee shop.  He was sitting one table away and couldn’t help overhearing ‘Iokepa speaking with an old friend.   John was intrigued by what he heard, introduced himself, and apologized for eavesdropping. … Continue reading

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