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I Feel Exposed.

It is just a few days before Christmas 2010.  And it is also exactly thirteen years since this remarkable convoluted journey began for me. The first words of the first  paragraph of the  first chapter of the newly released book, … Continue reading

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The Face of Geography.

It is impossible to travel as ‘Iokepa and I do – from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, from Washington State to Washington, D.C. – and not notice the differences. I am not speaking about mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, prairies, and … Continue reading

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Mothers and Daughters – More or Less.

For the past two weeks I’ve been blaming the heat.   And yes, it’s been a record-setting 100 degrees in inner-city Baltimore, with an unconscionable level of humidity.  But yesterday I realized, that is not it – not my problem at all. Allow … Continue reading

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Not Evangelism.

Exactly two years before the Camry met its fate, we crossed the width of the continent in that black Toyota with the gold wheels in four weeks.  On that particular crossing:  we had dinner with a saintly, eighty-four-year-old Jesuit priest … Continue reading

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Stealing From The Native Hawaiians Again: The Akaka Bill In Congress.

The Bill At the end of almost every Return Voyage gathering in these past years, well-intentioned folks have asked ‘Iokepa:  “What can I do to help?” He answers:  “When you hear that things are changing on the Hawaiian Islands – … Continue reading

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Justice Served: Court Ordered Community Service.

This is the story of trust, faith, and the powerful support that accrues when we agree to use our unique gifts, our best natures, and take the path of  greatest good–to fulfill our life’s purpose. Every one of us has … Continue reading

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Tsunami (Kai e’e) On The Shores of Hawai’i.

For every memorable year of my adult lifetime, I have had just one recurring and terrifying nightmare.  In that dream, I am running for my life from a rapidly approaching, formidable wall of water that I cannot outrun.  I am … Continue reading

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