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Mom’s Eulogy.

On January 13, 2012, my oldest friend on this earth died. She was the model of modesty,  empathy and a hard-work that she consistently made to look easy – in sum, grace. On May 20, 2012, ‘Iokepa and I were … Continue reading

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These ‘Days of Awe.’

For five autumns now, ‘Iokepa and I have found ourselves strangers in unknown distant cities.  Each year we’ve had to unearth a Jewish congregation from the yellow pages, and solicit an invitation to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in … Continue reading

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Fantasy: The Metaphor That Is Hawai’i.

So, Hawai’i – as in, ‘I’ve always dreamed of…’ or ‘I will go before I die…’ or  ‘I once went and it was incredible…’ (versions of which  ‘Iokepa and I hear daily) – becomes the metaphor. And that metaphor is … Continue reading

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All For A Good Story.

Okay, so this is what I remember of the story I’m about to tell:  absolutely nothing.  It’s a black hole of a story, but it is quite a story nevertheless, as ‘Iokepa slowly reveals it to my still erratic (but … Continue reading

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Power to the Reader!

It’s a very funny thing about being a writer.  I complete a book.  I’ve said everything that I have to say about the matter. Then the book tour begins, and I am expected to say more – much more.  And … Continue reading

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Not Every One Of Us Is A Parent But…

…Every last one us is the son or daughter of a couple of them.  So choose your perspective here.  I can tell my story from the only perspective I have: the singular daughter of two very specific people; the mother of … Continue reading

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In Solitude on the Shenandoah.

‘Iokepa Hanalei ‘Imaikalani and I live a life that is at odds with the person that I am – and yet it is not.  This life addresses just one half of me – the half that communicates meaningfully with other … Continue reading

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Destiny Defined.

I have written about destiny.   ‘Iokepa has spoken of it.  He calls it the promise we made when we took on life.  Yet there is persistent bewilderment among moderns who have refused it. Echoing the Hawaiian grandmothers, I have written: … Continue reading

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My Oldest And Dearest Friend Died This Week.

I first met Merrell Fort Gregory in 1969 sitting at a desk across a tiny newsroom.  It was my first newspaper job out of college. The Maryland Gazette – calling itself “the oldest continuously published paper in America”  – was … Continue reading

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On The Interstate With The Grandmothers.

We flew from Kaua’i to Seattle on December 27. On December 28, we had an incredibly glamorous Grandmothers Whisper book event in a hair salon!  The following day, we claimed our parked Camry and winter clothes from a friend’s home … Continue reading

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