Let ke koko – the blood – that we carry and the love that we feel for our Islands speak. The time is now.

Join the Conversation Coast to Coast

With ‘Iokepa Hanalei ‘Īmaikalani and Inette Miller ‘Īmaikalani

Guardian of ke kahiko – the authentic, aboriginal culture.

‘Iokepa’s Chant

Return Voyage Book Launch Video

The Reason And The Purpose

For 12,300 years, the indigenous people of our Islands embraced a matriarchal culture that refused the possibility of war.

Return Voyage awakens that ancient wisdom–ritual and practices that dissipate anger, prevent violence, foster harmony–and shares its profound implications for the 21st century.

We invite all people to join the conversation.

Our ancestors were intrepid voyagers. They built remarkably sophisticated canoes and voyaged both throughout the Pacific and to coastal America for thousands of years. They took their navigational guidance from the stars, the currents, the birds, the whale migration and their own unshakable faith.

On every voyage – then and now – there came a turning point: that moment was “Huliau – The Return Voyage.” These gatherings are the celebration of that moment – -the dawn of our native claim, our aboriginal voice.

These gatherings are our map for the Return Voyage to:

  • Knowledge of what our ancestors represented (our unadulterated history).

  • Confidence in who we genuinely are.

  • Personal freedom from the tyranny of others’ explanation of us.

Together we will light the fire of authentic cultural identity and unity. The time is now.

“We carry in our DNA all that our ancestors lived. We underestimate our own importance. We see how huge the universe is, and we fail to appreciate the part we play. But when we strike the match… ”

‘Iokepa Hanalei ‘Īmaikalani